Quoting a monthly contract???? Need help...

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DillonsLawnCare, Oct 9, 2008.

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    ok, i got a new yard, and it is irrigated. i do it for $45 each cutting. cutting is weekly. Also, they want me to do a landscaping job for $615.00.

    the thing is, they like the job that i do and they want me for next year, but they want me to maintain their beds, hedges, and yard. i told them that i would mulch twice a year. spring and fall. or whenever it needs it.

    How much would a monthly bill be for this? im 16, so is there anyway i can write up a contract??

    need some help.

  2. DillonsLawnCare

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    anyone??? i need help asap....Thanks in advance...
  3. If you charge $45/cut and cut it weekly, just charge them $180/month. However, since they want more of a "full-maintenance" thing, find out exactly how they want you to maintain the beds. Also, how many hedges? How big? What other plant-life is on the property? Do they want you to hand-pull weeds out of the beds? I would charge at least $225/month depending on bed maintenance on how many hedges/plants need to be maintained. Also, mulching is an extra charge. DO NOT include that in your price.....
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    You don't need to, just ask them to tell you when the time is near, what they want done.
    Once that time comes you again discuss what is to be done, how they would like this and how you would do it, and the price.
    Then you do that work as agreed, and once the job is completed you can get paid.

    Bill per service, just like now, it's more work, fine, probably earn more money, LOL.

    Nothing to be ashamed of, it's not in the least unprofessional, I'm 41 and I've been dealing with my residential accounts
    in that exact manner for seven years now, I don't believe in contracts, not on my level.

    They want something, they call me, they ask or tell me.
    I go out and look at it, we might talk about it but I give them the price.
    If they agree, I do the job.
    Once it is done I get paid, it really is that simple.
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    THANK YOU!, for responding!!!

    they want weeds pulled, and the weeds arent' bad, because i would spray anyway. they have about 12-15 hedges, 1 of which is a crepe myrtle. the property is about a 1/4 of an acre, with a fence and extra weed-eating.

    also, should i continue that into the winter months?? and offer to keep trash, leaves, sticks..etc.... out of their yard??

    thanks again
  6. Do you have to get on a ladder for any of the hedges? As a general rule, I always pick up trash/leaves/sticks etc. Im not talking about piles and piles of leaves. Put it this way, i dont like to leave ANYTHING in the yard. it usually takes a minute or two to pick stuff up......
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    I've got the long reach hedge trimmer... so thats a no. but i would have to use a ladder if i didn't have the long reach trimmer.

    i understand what you mean by everything in the yard. its a nice and green lawn, so if things are lying around, it will be noticeable.

    should i continue the charge through the winter, but subtracting the mowing from it??

    I'm still learning on quoting landscaping jobs. I'm not good at it yet. So, bare with me.
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    i do all full maintains take your mowing and figure how many cuts a year you do. now take how much mulch you will use. then figure how long you need 2 be on site 2 make the place look good.
    1 mowing 34 cuts at 45 per cut =1530
    2 say 15 yards of mulch at 2 times a year 30 at 75 a yard= 2250
    3 bush trimming 6 man hrs 2 times a year at 70 hr= 840
    4 bed maintains fig 5 hr every 2 weeks 10 hr month= 700 = 4900 year
    year total 9520 = 793 a month
  9. topsites

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    All right, good deal.

    Ask them these questions, politely...
    They are your customers, they would know these things.
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    Charge them time plus materials after completing each task and bill them monthly along with the mowing. Are they asking for prices or asking if you will do the work? Many of my best costomers NEVER ask me how much it will cost but "can you do it"?

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