Quoting a Residental Yard?!?!?!

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by TheChiefsLawnCare, Oct 12, 2007.

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    what is the most accurate way to qutoe a residental yard. more than jus guessing how long you think it will take you to cut it. i want a method that i can fall back on for every property that way im consistant. not 45 on a yard when i am there for an hour and the 45 for when im jus there for 45 min. what are the different ways that you people quto residental yards. your thoughts are greatly appreciated, thanks.
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    Lot size:
    Turf Area:
    Cultivated Area:
    Drainage Issues:
    Equipment I have:
    Is it on a route or am I starting a new route:
    6 or 12 mo. contract:

    I have actually taken a lot of time to consider all the factors, but have found that it is much simpler to come in consistently on lot sizes because there is enough of a variance in MH vs. Profit to allow for 1 lawn at $40.00 that takes 15 min. to take the heat for the next $40.00 lawn that takes 30 min. It has been profitable for me in maintenance to bid by area (taking cultivated or paved areas into consideration) and leave all the other stuff for the birds.

    If it's a big lot, pay more attention to the monthly price in the notes bar (12-mo. contracts).
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    experience..... you try, you make mistakes you learn.... thats how its done
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    By the time you build a good program to accurately estimate lawns; you'll be worth more a programmer than a landscaper.

    The on-site measurements, data processing, and stuff would take more time than just cutting it for free with a stopwatch.

    Just bite the bullet and realize : just guessing + experience = fastest,most accurate program available.
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