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    I used to do this ladies yard where the way the wind was, every single leaf from a two mile radius ended up in her stairwell into her basement
    Two 5 yard dump truck loads, easy.

    If you didn’t walk around and look you’d never know all those leaves were there , her lawn would blow pretty clean (and right into this stairwell)

    Someone under bid me years ago... because she told me I was charging too much to do the leaves
  2. SJLandscapeCT

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    This past week we did one of my biggest cleanups. Took 3 guys the majority of the day to do the front and the back yard. Once the back yard was done and we came back up front the yard had leaves all over it again from the wind. Nothing you can do about mother nature.
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    I just did leaf clean up today, it was a backyard. I know everyone's method varies. I grabbed a ladder, blew off roof and gutters on house and garage onto ground. 10 minutes. Raked up leaves into piles and bagged up. Didn't blow into piles because too thick. (Do only a quick rake and pick up Only about 80%of leaves)15 minutes. Blow off porch, flower beds, ect... and perimeter of fence line all the way around into center of yard(grass).5 minutes. Mow with mulcher engaged on your mower the remaining 20% of leaves in center of yard. 10 minutes. Finish detailing with blower any dust or fine shreds on porch or walkways. 5 minutes. Total time 45 minutes, charge for 1 hr includes loading leaf bags and tools in and out of trailer. 60.00.
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    Sounds like you have down to a science.
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  5. kemco

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    With leaf cleanups I've found your phone camera to be your best friend. I run around and take usually 3 "before" pics. Then as we clean an area I take a pic. We do not go back to that area even if leaves are raining down. That area has been done. We have removed the leaves. We cannot control the wind or nature. We clean another area, another quick pic. Sometimes I send them to the customer when we are done. Most of the time I just keep them as a cya and then send to the customer if a complaint arises.
  6. MadMike and Son

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    One mistake I keep catching myself making when first get to job site is automatically blowing leaves into piles when they already in piles against obstacles from the wind!!!(Double work)just pick em up where they are. I now pick up all the existing piles first, blow the rest into yard, then mow over(mulch)

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    No way I’m coming back for free. I offer to come back and mow&bag for regular mowing rate+$25 bagging fee. I have a $120 min even for 5000sq ft cleanups

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