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    i might be doing my first de thatchig job im still waiting to see if he accepts my bid.The question is this when i rent the machine
    what is the pattern for doing this?do i just use the machine like it was a lawn mower?just by going back and fourth?then am i done after i take away the debries and im all done?

    thanks guys
  2. AK Lawn

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    Personally operating in alaska i thatch most lawns every season because of the harsh winters and extrem build up each winter, what i do i go over as if i was mowing and then in the opposite direction( turn 90 degrees) and go over the whole lawn again to make sure i do a thural job, i will not perform this task for less than 100$, but much time is invested in these projects each spring and i land about 150 each spring, nice start up boost
    AK Lawn

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