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    K guys. Well, I got a guy who said he'd give me $2,000 for my Current Cub Cadet. That would allow me to Pay it off, and Finance a New one. :) I'd also like to take Advantage of Cub Cadet's 3 years no interest.

    Question is, Should I go Tank, or Try out their new Commercial Line of mowers? The Enforcer.

    I'g go with a 44" 19 Hp Enforcer, or a 48" Tank. Now, with the 44", I'd only have to carry that, and a 21" Trim Mower. With the 48", I'd have to carry that and the 36" Mower.

    What would you do?
  2. mag360

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    I wasn't very impressed with the enforcer as a commercial machine. The deck looks good, though.
    Pricing is high now on the 23/48 tank. I was quoted $6899 or so at a recent expo and that was the "sale" price. It is alot of machine but it's hard to spend that much when less than a year ago you could get them for $1000 less.

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