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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by LIBERTYLANDSCAPING, Mar 27, 2008.


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    I use Qxpress Platinum & have a question on Lawn/Tree invoices. I do Lawn/Tree apps. for customers billed @ completion, as well as full service mowing customers billed monthly. I'd like to be able to print off the Lawn/Tree "invoices" to use as a bill & leave behind for fert customers, but also as a leave behind to satisfy the State requirement for customers billed monthy. Has anyone figured out how to do this & still have the customer set to monthly billing status?
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    can't you just make the price of the app $0? You can still invoice a $0 job.

    Either that, or design a work order for those customers that resembles an invoice.

    are you using the 3part form with the tear off truck portion, customer portion, and tear off payment remit?
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    I am using qxpress gold.
    I would suggeset that you mark the service as done, generate the invoice, print 2 copies, give one to the client other to the state. Then at the end of the month go to the "post to quickbooks" select all the invoices that need to post to qb and it should lump all the invoices to the correct area's.

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