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    Which RBG should I Buy ? I have a Power Equipment Warshouse catalog And they list 4 models #1 is BG 121 Standard Blade Grinder 1/2 hp motor For $332.00 #2 is RBG 2181-P Pro Blade Grinder 1/2 hp For $411.#3 RBG 34120-c Commericial Grinder 3/4 hp motor For $474.# 4 RBG 1012-c Commercial Grinder 1 hp motor For $677. Will the First on listed be ok or do I need to Buy one of the more expensive one? Or could somebody tell me a cheaper place to buy one? Thanks in advance for the help.

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    I have the RBG 2181-P Pro Blade Grinder that I have been talking about on the other threads on this same subject. It is all the grinder a small company needs and will handle all the blades a much bigger company would need to sharpen.

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