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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Kicik your Grass, Apr 14, 2007.

  1. Kicik your Grass

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    i have a sod job to bid but have not done this in the last year or so the job i have is 4900 square feet or 545 yards of sod the yard is wide open and flat need to remove old sod haul away clean up the grade a little and put down new sod my instinct says $5.00 a yard? $2700 am i close there is a sprinkler system there also. the price i received to buy sod is $1.00 a yard.
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    hmmm, to start id have some type of proposal stating you are not responcible for the irrigation system should it become damaged due to not being proper depth etc.

    as far as the amount, you will be making about $2200, so if you done in less than 3 days your doing good, 2 days great, 1 day your king. if its more than that and you starting out, go by what you need to make. it will depend on your overhead and what you concider to be a good amount. good luck
  3. Kicik your Grass

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    I figure two days but i dont want to come in on this bid @ $5.00 a yard when most guys are getting $7.00 or on the other hand $3.50 long time customer i need to be close here and not under or over bid this is where i need the help
    and good idea about the sprinklers did not think of that you know that is almost a given
  4. Rhodester

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    Here in R.I. adding a 10% waste factor, 5500 sq. ft of sod in 9 sq. ft. pieces, (over half a tractor-trailer load) delivered and strategically placed on the worksite would cost about $2000.
    We would NOT sod cut, load, haul and dispose of multiple thousands of pounds of soil and old sod.
    Been there, done it and found it cost prohibitive and rarely needed.
    We’d mow very short and bag. Flag the sprinkler heads, then verti-cut deeply in three directions.
    Rake up and remove the thatch along with any obvious stones and fill any low spots using up to a yard or two of loam.
    Install, staggering the seams and cut in new sod.
    Come back in two weeks or so after initial heavy watering and apply lime and appropriate fertilizer as needed per the results of a soil test.
    Depending on difficulty factors such as access, slopes, obstacles and curved edges we’d complete this job in one day with three men and charge somewhere between $4000 and $4500. prepped and installed.


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