Rabbit Damage

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by cdtark, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. cdtark

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    Does anyone out there have an effective, field tested method of rabbit control? We have a major rabbit issue here and are having a hard time finding a good control method. I know about liquid fence and have heard it's not worth the time or money. Thanks
  2. Ric

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    I have seen video of Rabbits in Australia tearing up farm field because of no natural Enemies. But I haven't heard of a major Rabbit infestation here in the states. My own vegetable garden had a rabbit fence.

    Now I am assuming you have a normal Rabbit Problem and not a Major Infestation

    Rabbits are rodents and therefore would be controlled with many of the same methods as Rats. However the size of Rabbits is such that Poison Baiting Mazes would also be dangerous to non target House pets such as cats and small dogs Etc. This leaves trapping as the only safe control I can think of for a Residential setting. Havahart type Traps are about $ 30 each depending on where you buy them and what Quality.
  3. nik

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    As Ric said trapping and exclusion are about your only choices. Rabbit fences work great and if you dress it up with wooden frames/railings/lattices, etc it doesn't look too tacky.

    My IPM program since I'm out of town is a .22 short and a BBQ
  4. cdtark

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    Yeah, when I say infestation, I mean major problem. Big chunks of turf destroyed and they just keep moving to other areas of the yard. Unfotunately, trapping is not legal in the towns where I'm having the issues. I am not looking for something like bait to kill the rabbits, just a deterrent. Couldn't use bait anyway as I am not licensed for vertebrae animals. Thanks for the help.
  5. RigglePLC

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    Big chunks of turf destroyed---that sounds like skunks eating the grubs. Check for grubs under the sod.
    A dog is a pretty good rabbit deterrent. Beagle hounds love 'em.
    Also you might consider the plaster dog. Its realistic plaster dog and has a motion detecter which cause it to bark viciously whenever approached.
    Motion detector lights might help. Motion dectector noise makers (some ultra sonic) are a thought.

    Have you thought of the deer shocking pole? An apple with two wires on a post. The deer touches the apple and 30,000 volts. Substitute a carrot and shorten the post.
  6. kirk1701

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    I agree with nic

    Hot lead always does the job :drinkup:

    I got my .22 out once, spring before last after the beans popped up and killed the first rabbit, the rest took the hint and I had no more problems since.
  7. nik

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    When things stop freezing on you on the Front Range, one of those auto squirter deals that hook up to your hose work. Local nursery here has them for deer that get into their place. Sometimes they forget to turn it off during the day and you get a cold smack if you stop moving.

    They do make hot wire setups for gardens that don't suck the volts as bad as a livestock rig does. A solar one might also be worth a look.
  8. Smallaxe

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    I see the sonic sound generator advertised on tv a lot... wonder if it really works... :)
  9. f50lvr2

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    A ruger 10/22 or remington 597 will do nicely. Just don't miss and your neighbors will never know. :dancing:
  10. kirk1701

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    OH PLEASE!!!
    Don't get me started I might mistake my neighbor for a rabbit :laugh:

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