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    Good Morning All,

    First I own my own lawn/landscape business, I have about 25 yards.This is somewhat a part time job. Anyway I have 2 customers on yrly contracts. With spring upon us it's time to plant my annuals. Every time I put these out within a day or two the rabbits eat the Pansies or Begonias. Is there any way to deter these pesky varmints? Is there anything I can put on the beds to keep them away. I would appreciate all replies. Oh yeah I live in North Alabama. Thanks.

    Johnny Montgomery
    Montgomery Lawn Service
    Huntsville, Alabama :confused:
  2. grassdaddy

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    Get a 12yr old boy with good pellet rifle,he'll work for free!!And people on sand mountain wont think anything about it!!:D
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    You may not believe me. Plastic snakes that you buy at the dollar store. Lay them in the beds and the rabbits will slow down. Father in law taught me that one, 35 years in the biz and still going. Million dollar homes with dollar plastic snakes in the beds. If it doesn't work, you spent a dollar.
  4. I forgot about those, I have a few myself. They are in the garage now and every time I come across them :eek:
  5. NCSULandscaper

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    just sprinkle some cayan pepper on the annuals. works the best and is cheap
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    A 12 gauge works real well.:D :gunsfirin
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    Urine truly works well. It doesnt necesarilly have to be yours. I know that a lot of the garden centers around here sell fox urine. When smaller animals smell it they assume there is a fox in the area and they normally don't come around anymore. the only down side is you have to apply it after every rain or so.:jester:
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    Has anybody ever actually had success with fox urine??

    I used to trap fox, coyotes, bobcats, etc. quite a bit. Used a lot of all types of urine in and around the sets, mostly dirt hole or piss-pole sets. Wherever there are predators, there is prey like rabbits (or vice versa).

    Used to catch a non-target rabbits all the time. It wan't really a problem, they wound up as bait...

    But, my conclusion was urines do not work. Most animals are attracted to fresh dirt. The urine didn't repel rabbits, only gave the predators a confidence factor.

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