Rack'em Trailer System - Never Used

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Braveheart, Oct 8, 2011.

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    I sold my company and found some brand new trailer rack'em accessories hidden away in my garage.

    I have 3 - RA-1L 5-Gallon Gas Can Racks, 1 - RA-3 Hedge Trimmer Rack, 1 - RA-9 Trim Line Rack, 1 - RA-10AB Lubrication Rack - Bin, and 1 - RA-18 Beverage Cooler Rack

    If you want more detailed information on the pieces go to http://rackemmfg.com

    You can see online that all these pieces would cost you over $500.00 from their store, I AM ONLY ASKING $175.00 FOR ALL OF THESE PIECES!!!

    Again - they are brand new - never used!

    If you are not local we can discuss shipping costs. Also please note that in the pics there are two hedge trimmer racks and two gas racks - I have one hedger rack and three gas can racks. The pics are from the manufacturers website - my stuff was never used.

    Port St Lucie, FL
    772 216-5678





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    Paypal OK ? shipping to NJ 07731
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    If he don't take them I will
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    let me know i will buy this also let me know...thanks gary

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