Racyo RG1625 Super JR Stump Grinder - self propelled

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by arbor pro, May 4, 2012.

  1. arbor pro

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    $5500 grinder only or $6250 with trailer.

    2002 Rayco RG1625 Super Jr 25hp gas self-propelled stump grinder. 36" wide so it can go about anywhere and grind about any size stump. Only 743 hours. Fresh service, new belts, almost new Rayco super teeth, new professional paint and graphics (old paint was faded and scratched up from normal use). Machine starts and runs great. I last used this machine on 5/1/12 when I ground a dozen 15" elm stumps and a 10'x30' lilac cluster in just under 2 hours. Made $300/hr with it that day but usually average $150/hr. Great money maker.

    Trailer has new paint and graphics, new lights and wiring, newer tires. Specifically meant for hauling self-propelled grinders like this one or a vermeer sc252. Will sell trailer seperately if I don't sell it with the grinder.

    scott 605-228-9350

    rg1625 super 1.jpg

    rg1625 super 3.jpg

    rg1625 super 4.jpg

    rg1625 super cutter wheel.jpg
  2. arbor pro

    arbor pro LawnSite Senior Member
    from SD
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    FYI (because I'm sure someone will ask about it or comment on it)... I had posted this grinder for $4800 prior to all the recent work that was done - industrial paint job, graphics and full service/repair on the grinder plus new paint, graphics, tires and lights/wiring on the trailer. The cost of all the aforementioned work is reflected in the new asking price. Metal under the new paint is all solid and straight - there is no deep rust being covered up by the new paint. No bondo or other filler was used. Solid machine that runs great.
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    Where are you located at?
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  4. arbor pro

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    I'm in Aberdeen, SD. This grinder just sold. I do have two others for sale:

    2005 Rayco RG1631 super jr with 31hp briggs gas, 970 hours and hydraulic steering

    2004 vermeer sc252 with 25hp kohler gas and 540 hours.

    call me if you're interested in either. scott 605-228-9350

    $9800 for the rayco and $7k for the vermeer

    2005 rg1631 side.jpg

    sc252 grinder.jpg

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