Radiant Systems for underneath paver driveways

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by JimLewis, Sep 26, 2011.

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    Any of you install radiant systems underneath paver driveways? Years ago, a company was after me to start installing their product and I was really intrigued. I decided to put it off for a few years but recently I decided it might be a really good idea here as a unique add-on to my current business. Currently, nobody in my area offers this service. And yet up in the hills around Portland it does freeze and snow several times each winter. And those hills are where all of the $1Mil. + homes are. One customer I have currently told me that last winter they were trapped inside their house for almost 2 weeks because of the snow/freeze. It was fine in most parts of Portland but up in these hills and with the steep slope that their driveway had, it was totally a no-go for 2 weeks even though the rest of the city was moving around just fine.

    So I checked my bookmarks and the company who I was interested in dealing with before ( EverClear Radiant Systems ) is apparently totally out of business now. Because their website is totally gone and can't find anything about them anymore. Even their Facebook page is scheduled to be archived.

    So my question is; have any of you guys (DVS, Zedo, et. al.) installed these before? And if so, how difficult was it and what brand do you use?
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    Yes. They are really expensive and require much surface prep. We used Rehau RauPex embedded into concrete at when we redid the walkways into our shop.

    If you have a plumber you work with, and you use boilers versus forced hot air in the building it is a good solution to add. But if you were installing a separate system the costs would start to add up for a customer. It works just like radiant in a slab because it is radiant in a slab. But you're looking at $8,000-$10000 per system. The installation is straightforward outside as you're attaching the pex tube to rigid foam insulation then pouring a slab or leveling sand over the system, then installing your pavers.

    Call your local Rehau rep and ask for a demo. It isn't a retrofit system that I know if, it is a new install solution.

    If I were doing new walkways in the future, I probably wouldn't do it again. The cost was high for the results. I really find it easier to simply salt and use the snowblower. We get more deep snow versus ice all the time, so perhaps in your environment it would work better.

    Good luck.
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    I work with two different contractors who have it installed under all walkways and padios. I can't think of any jobs where they did it under the drive but it is deffinetly a possibility that they have. I'll be seeing one of the hardscape installers tomorrow at a meeting, I'll talk to him about it and see what he uses

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