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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Turf Dawg, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. Turf Dawg

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    This is what I am thinking about for my local AM Station radio ad. I will not be reading it, so it has to be third person.

    Did last summers drought wreck your lawn?

    Do fireants keep you from enjoying your lawn or flower beds?

    Or how about those painful sandburs getting stuck to your shoes and then tracked into your home?

    Well if you have any or all of these problems then Turf Dawg Landscaping is a licensed pesticide applicator that can help with all these issues.

    They will be starting their first application round in just a couple of weeks. This will be for pre emergent weed control for those pesky summer time weeds as well as a post emergent spraying of all the cool season weeds that are in your lawn now.

    Be sure and call now for your estimate and to get on the list.

    Remember for
    pre emergent weed control
    post emergent weed control
    fireant control
    chinch bug control
    and grub control

    call Bill, XXXXX or XXXX at Turf Dawg Landscaping.

    You can reach them at XXX-XXX-3294 or the easy to remember way at XXX-XXX-DAWG.

    Texas Department of Agriculture #0525163

    Thank you in advance for any advice you can give for making the wording better, or any input.
  2. James Cormier

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    can i be a little negative? Not on the ad itself, just on the idea of radio..I did a few ads (I have them saved on one of my computers, I will see if I can find them and upload to youtube so you can hear them) and aired them on both AM and FM. Very disappointed with results.

    We have a local guy here in the Boston area (Paul Rogers) that use to have a Saturday/Sunday morning call in show on several stations. It was all about turf/landscaping and other outdoor projects... I did a ton of ads during his shows.

    It was a expensive experiment..I only did it that one season. I started them in late winter and ran them right up to mid summer.

    I wish you well with your ads, and would like to hear how they worked out for you.

    sorry for starting your thread off with a negative...I hope someone else can chime in with better results.
  3. Clonts Landscaping

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    I think it sounds good. It's clear and to the point. I would be very curious to hear what kind of results you get. Also can you tell us about how much it's costing you?
  4. Turf Dawg

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    I will let you know the cost early next week when I find out after they read it and the time of day we chose to run it.

    I also hope I can tell you in a few weeks that the response has been overwhelming, but we will see. I just hope it is enough for ad time.
  5. Turf Dawg

    Turf Dawg LawnSite Gold Member
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    Well, better late than never

    I stopped by yesterday and gave them the add. It is costing me $12 every time it plays. It is just set up to run randomly 3 times a day from 6am - 7pm for this price.

    I actually got to here it once today during "Swap It To Me" and have had one call today LOL
  6. Clonts Landscaping

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    12 bucks a pop, thats not bad at all. Keep us posted on the results. Thanks
  7. Glenn Lawn Care

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    I looked into it a few years ago on a very popular country FM station and it was expensive. I don't remember the details but for a 30 second ad was $10,000 and I don't remember how long it ran for but it wasn't long I remember that!
  8. Turf Dawg

    Turf Dawg LawnSite Gold Member
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    I think this little AM station charged me 1 dollar per listener lol
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  9. Cadzilla

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    Thats cool man. How excited were you to hear it on live radio the first time? It may have limited results but remember that branding yourself and getting the word out is an ongoing thing achieved many ways with cumulative affects.
  10. RigglePLC

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    So do you mean $1100 per month for your ads?

    Gets technical, the general public does not know what "pre-emergent" or "post-emergent" mean. Try talking about eliminating crabgrass and weeds. And you don't mention fertilizer. Your guarantee. Or green grass, or thick grass, or healthy grass, or that you are earth friendly and safe for kids and dogs.

    Mention that you are personal and give faster, more responsive service than your competitors.

    Try to get the salesman for the station to advise you. He has a good idea of what will work for you. Let him write the ad based on your literature, website and talking with you at your office for a half-hour or so. He can find a voice actor to record the commercial.

    "They will be starting..." Could you change that to, "We will be starting..."

    Green grass is very visual--a TV ad with lots of pics of perfectly green lawns would be good.

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