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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by captaingreen, Feb 2, 2005.

  1. captaingreen

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    I'm meeting with a radio salesperson to discuss getting a spot on and FM Christian radio station later and I am curious to see if anyone else has tried this form of advertising? I can either sponsor the weather, a talk show "The Boys", or have a random slot. Obviously the exposure is smaller than a rock or country FM station but I know it is tuned into alot, I'm an avid listener myself. The preliminary estimate I was given seemed to be quite a good price. They provide the voice and help put together the commercial. What do you guys think?
  2. DSIM

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    That sounds great. Let us know how this turns out and what it costs.

    We went to go see a movie last week and I was suprised to see car and coca-cola commercials before the previews. I wonder what the cost of advertising through them would be?
  3. captaingreen

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    Ya....I saw a realtor advertisment with the previews last time I went to a movie, kinda wondered about that too. I'll post the prices after I meet with the lady later today.
  4. mowerman111

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    I tried radio last summer spent about 600.00 on it, our ad came on right at noon it sponsored the news and weather plus had several spots through out the day, it ran for three months never received one call, It was on an oldie station so it targeted the older people and not teenie boppers. So I think your money would be better spent elsewhere. So thats my 2 cents maybe somebody else has had better luck.
  5. CleanCutMaint

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    I talked with a lady here the other day for our local station. She said I could sponsor the news, which is the "brought to you by..............." followed by a 30 second commercial which the local radio persoanalities put together for you with your input. It would cost me $1200 to run once a day during the morning show (6am - 10am), 5 days a week, for 4 weeks. $ weeks was the minimum here. They also offered live spots where the radio personalities bring up your business during their morning show and talk about it for a couple minutes and give out info, phone #, specials or whatever. Those spots were $2500 for the same 4 week deal. I'm considering the $1200 but $2500 is too steep for me, even $1200 is alot. Hopefully it will work out for you. Let us know.

  6. Gautreaux's LNG

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    We advertise on a local radio station that plays music that is popular to our area. The show goes from 5 to 10 am, it has local bands. The disc jockey owns our equipment and has helped us make several sales. We can call his hotline to have an on air interview to talk about sales or open houses. He has a 13% rating on his show so its well supported by the public. Its the first check we write. I have 4 or 5 people a week come in and say they heard about us on his show. His ads are not read out ads. He personalizes every sponsor he has. It has more than payed for itself. It cost about 1/3 of other spots in this thread so far. We have been very lucky with this show. give it a try.
  7. captaingreen

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    Well the meeting went very well and I signed a three month contract. I know alot of people that listen to the station and it targets people age 25-55 with an average household income of $100-150,000. They also personalize my add so it does not sound like everything else, I listen regularly so I can testify to the quality. For sponsoring the weather on Fridays morning drive and sponsoring a popular noon talk show on Thursdays I paid about $450. I'm very excited about it. Even if it does not bring many sales, I'm sure it will bring some name recognition. :) :) :) :)
  8. J Hisch

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    Really name recogintion is all advertising is good for. But when the consumer is ready to buy your services it casues them to think of you.

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