Radio headphones that cancel mower nosie?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by brodo374, Apr 25, 2011.

  1. flatlander42

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    My first pair lasted 10+ years, of ocaisonal use and 2 years of daily use. Then I hit a tree with my head and the cord broke and then it was a one speaker pos. The newer ones only last about one year if you treat them good. I have only had the "manual" tuners. They work well as far as tuning goes.

    The noise blocking works for me....Compareable to in ear foam plugs, Not quite as good but close enough for me to be comfortable.

    I'm not sure where the hate for them comes from. I have had a positive expirence.:)

    That is not to say that I'm not looking for something these.

  2. a clear difference lawn

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    I researched the elvex because I am not completely happy with the peltors and this is what their own website sys about the relax model "We have discontinued the AM/FM model of Relax, due to numerous user complaints. We are bringing back the analog model for as long as we can get components for this model." They have the "aware" model but it is only passive radio. I was hoping these were the answer.
  3. LawnGuy73

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    I don't know anything about canceling "nosie" but I use Worktunes to cancel out the noise!
  4. skorum03

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    "Beats" by Dre fellas. That is if your headphones budget is like $300 haha

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  5. smitty's lawncare

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    i use the stihl headphones and i think they work great. you definately dont feel deaf at the end of the day haha
  6. Reflection

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    I've had a pair of MC3s and they've made it through two seasons. The cables are durable and they do not tangle. They also have the built in mic and volume control, so you can answer your phone and don't have to take out your ear plugs (or take the phone out of your pocket).

    I use Comply foam tips for the ear buds (the P Series). They're almost as good (for noise blocking) as a regular set of 3M foam ear plugs. They're also very comfortable and don't move around. I haven't used regular ear plugs since I discovered these.
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    Great post, thought I'd provide a link:

    I invested in a pair of Klipsch earbuds last year...but the assortment of tips that came with them made for iffy sealing when working or exercising. Gonna give some of the 'Isolation Plus' a try.

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