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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by steelcity, Feb 21, 2002.

  1. steelcity

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    hey guys i have a question about my stereo. about a week ago i got into my truck and my stereo displayed the time @ 1:60. I tried to fix this but realized there was also no sound coming out. I cannot tune at all, turn volume up or down, get any of my presets to work at all. i tried to put another stereo in today (same kind) and the same problem appeared on it. I have a 1992 GMC 1500 4x4 with a western v-plow on it and the stereo is a stock ac delco original. I would appreciate any ideas to try as i hate driving when it is so quiet.

    thanks in advance

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  2. thelawnguy

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    Check for an adequate ground.
  3. jc1

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    When you swaped out the radio did you change just the control head or the receiver unit also? On that style truck radio it will have the control head (the part with the buttons) and also a receiver behind the ashtray. It will have tha ant lead and probably 2 other connectors on it also.If you have the tape player with eq that will plug into the reciever also. The receiver is the brains of it, so if that wasn't swapped out that is why you have the same problem. Generally if you have a fuse blown the clock will always reset to 12:00 everytime the key is turned off. Hope this helps.
  4. southside

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    Probably less hassle to just replace the unit with a cd player.
  5. steelcity

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    hey guys i just wanted to thank you for your advice. i tried to swap out the receiver($40) instead of the control box and yes i have music again. I know i could put in a cd player but that will wait until i get a new truck ( wife wants a new house and yes there is a little one on the way - July 13/02) Everyday is a new day and today is 16 degrees in Hamilton ON, grass is growing slowly and berries on the hedges. I am going to be out soon yeah!!!

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