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    :usflag:Hey who has tried Radio Advertising ?
    I tried it last year it did allot of call volume but some calls were just asking for tips and alot of people who were the do it your self type of people.
    Who else has tried radio?
    I talked to the sales rep he said the prime time traffic spot would be about 60 per ad and run 20 times in one week and reach about 90,000 listeners im just trying to see if thats worth it or not? Advice please and what time of year would you do this in Ohio ? March Mid or Late?
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    this would be interesting how much did you pay for it? The only problem is I know alot of people turn down radios but it could bring in acouple
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    The thing I've learned over the years about radio is it ads name recognition, more than drawing in business. Take yourself for example, do you really listen to the radio and or commercials or is it background noise? Unless your giving stuff away radio doesn't seem to bring in new customer but it keeps your name out there and people might remember it if you have a catchy jingle. That's my take on it, I done tons of radio stuff over the years but none for lawncare, it's all been related to car dealerships.
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    I tried it once and got dozens of people from my church tell me that they thought it was real business from it though.
  5. lawns by design

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    Thanks this was great tips
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