Radios vs Cell phones

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Ocutter, Nov 23, 2000.

  1. Ocutter

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    Im looking through Gemplers catalog and I see a Motorola 1- watt radio and a 2- watt radio. The two watt says a 5 mile range with a clear line of sight. Ive been debating for some time about the pros and cons with radios and cells. I need some help. Does anyone use the radios outside a yard, nursery or warehouse. Are they just like CB radios? Thanks.
  2. Nathan

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    I have used those radios up skiing. They don't go too far unless you have clear air. Unless you have crews very close together get a cell phone. If you want instant access like a radio use the nextel phones they are pretty cool.
  3. guntruck

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    We have the 2 mile rangeers. They are great for the job site but other than that i dont think there worth a whole lot. I too, would recommend the nextel's, phone and 2 way radio all in 1, pretty good plans too.
  4. JVS

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    We use trunk mounted radios . Although you must be in the truck to hear them its saves time, we pay $25 per radio for unlimited airtime per month. We work off our own repeater that we were set up with our own frequency, we have a "small" version of what police and emts use.

    We tried cell phones but are too costly.
  5. chrisbolte

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    How many trucks do you guys run to get a rate of 25 per truck?

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