Railroad Ties?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by kountryscape, Jan 22, 2002.

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    Ok guys, how do you get read of railroad ties the legal way. The landfill won't take them . Bidding a job with about 15 full ties to get read of. any ideas would be great. I'm replacing with treated 6x6 . jarrett morgan countryscape landscaping and greenhouse iowa
  2. coalburner

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    You can always transfer the problem. If they are in ok condition run an ad and sell them.
  3. steveair

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    I can't see why the landfill won't take them......they usually are no question asked if you pay for it.

    I would call up a few waste management companies and ask them for a dedicated dumpster. There has to be someone around for them.

    We have a place here that is a recycling center that specifically takes ties...........They want $80 a ton.....ouch.

    Most container companies will also take them, but they charge about the same, $73 a ton.

    My best advice is to make a few calls first and then be sure to add a hefty charge for disposal. We just finished a job and it cost close to 2,000 to get rid of a two 20 yard dumpsters........plan to spend a lot of money, so charge a lot.

  4. Scraper

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    Take them home and burn'm. Just kidding, the fumes will be hazardous as well. Best response so far would be to try and resell or put ad in local paper they are free. Many people still use these for landscape projects around their home. Actually, if you were near me I'd take them as I will be buying about that many in the near future.
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    That's funny about burning cause a company that removed a track section by me just burned piles of ties in place! If you're in Iowa you can't be more than 15 minutes into a country area and burn em up. If you bury em then the arsenic and creosote can leach into the ground. You oughta see what municipalities burn on this side of the river:(
  6. micromike

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    My suggestion is be creative. Cut them up in 12" lenghts. Go to the hardware store and buy a bunch of heavy screen door/cabinet door handles and attach one to the end of each block.

    These are much better than jack stands to use under trucks or equipment when you need to work under them. Very stable and stackable too.

    Then you give a set to each one of your uncles, brothers, your best friend, your neignbor, your best friends neighbor, your neighbours best friend... you get the picture.


    Anyway, I made a set for myself and they are really handy and don't take up much room.
  7. Comet

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    I replaced an old timber retaining wall in Nov with Roma Stone .
    I had to shop around in order to locate the facility that would accept them. I was out of my area.

    I did however take a majority of the good ones home to my place.

    I built bins with them. The broken ones and severe rotted ones I disposed of.

    A 30 yard container would have been needed, The lowest quote I received was $1100.00 for a 30 ydr
    Thats when I decided to haul them away my self and dispose of the rotted ones to that close facility to the job.
    I would have gone with te container, way easier but I was too far into expenses as it was.
    If I didnt have my place, I would have gone with the container and ate it.

    Ill be back there in the spring tearing down more for them but the price will be increased to cover the disposal,
    rich area=costly dumping

    Do it right though, dispose of them leagaly by all means
  8. Sam Grinold

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    I am in the container bussiness as well as landscaping.You need to call different container outfits before pricing job. The quotes may vary . When you decide who to use figure it into the job. Iwould want $400.00 for a12 yd can of ties. If it weighs up over 3 tons you pay extra
  9. Comet

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    So what was the final results Jarret ? Did you get the job ?
    Was you able to contact anyone in your area to dispose of them for you?

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    Anyone got a Match? Just joking!:blob2:

    Little Guy:angry:

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