Railroad ties


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I am trying to get some price information on railroad ties. I have searched the internet, and I am not really coming up with anything. I need about 2,000. The cheapest I have found is $10.00 per tie. 1 and 2s will work... Any help would be appreciated.


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palatka, fl
all i know is your going to have a hard time finding 2 000 at one place. Just using used ties. You may try calling csx or some local train yard. 2 000 is a lot you must be trying to hold back a mountain. what is it for.


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Morgantown, WV
I am guessing by your location, you are in Maryland. Send me an email at impact@adelphia.net, and I can help you out with that request. I'm not sure about how many will fit on a 53' flatbed, but I think you will need several trips from Morgantown via a local trucking company.Are you starting a resale yard, or do you need these for a job?

Randy Scott

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If you are using them in a landscape setting in or near soil, you better check with state laws. In Wisconsin it is illegal to do anything of the sorts with railroad ties. They contain soil contaminants.

Also, the U.S. EPA will no longer permit the use of pressure treated wood containing arsenic to be used in any landscapes. There was just an article in Landscape & Irrigation magazine stating this law put into effect Dec. 31, 2003.


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I am not sure why they are using railroad ties???? I am aware of the contaminant, Creosote.

I guess there are budget issues(plastic ties?$$), who knows.

As far as pressure treated timbers they have changed the chemical, I am not sure what they use now. Arsenic is bad stuff.

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ipm-I didn't even know that name was in a song! I'm not a woodcutters daughter, or even a woman for that matter!!!. I got my name last year when I was registering for this site, and it was early spring, and I was thinking, "man, I wish this grass would hurry up and grow"!

Are you building retaining walls with the ties or just putting them around beds & stuff like that?


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I was not calling you a woman. It is just the lyrics to a song. I am building walls with them.

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