Rain after removing sod

Ahmad Umair

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Hello... I have a question and was wondering if anyone can give an advice.

I removed sod from my backyard today (about 1000 sq ft) and tomorrow I was planing to rent a tiller but it just started raining in the evening. Weather forecast changed quite a bit and looks like it is going to rain until next Sunday with 1-2 sunny daysduring the week (Portland, OR).

Please advice what should I do next? Cannot use tiller tomorrow as it will be muddy and then during the week I am working.

I have thick plastic sheets and can cover whole yard with that to prevent it getting wet during the week. Would it be a good idea?

Thanks a lot!

Andrew H

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I wouldn’t cover it, you’ll trap moisture if you do that.
Since you plan on tilling, I wouldn’t worry about the rain causing a few weeds to pop up.

Are you putting new sod down, or seed?


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Grand Rapids MI
Ahmad, does it rain a lot in Portland?
I wish you could send a bit of that moisture our way.
I think you could cover it to reduce the chance of mud. This would make rotary tillage possible.
I am not sure you absolutely need to till the soil. Do you plan to lay new sod? Seed?

First be sure you correct the problem that caused the need to remove the old sod. Fungus disease? Grubs?
Or perhaps heavy shade (a common problem).
Try to avoid Midnight cultivar as it is sensitive to powdery mildew disease if grown in the shade. I am not sure if this applies to Midnight imitator varieties. Check on this. Find out what varieties are included in the new sod.