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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by sgl41377, Jul 14, 2012.

  1. sgl41377

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    I could not cut a few homes last week due to rain. Most of the yards it will not really make that big of a difference. One client sent me an email asking me if he was going to get his lawn cut. I think his lawn will benefit from skipping a week. He is under a contract so I understand he wants his service. We did blow off his lawn because he has a birch tree that sheds leaves all the time. What would you do?
  2. herler

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    By contract, you mean he pays even if you do nothing at all?
    Because that's not what having a contract is about at all.
    A contract is a written or spoken agreement between two people.
    That is the definition of a contract, so if the above is true I can see why your client would be upset.
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  3. Larry Overcash

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    I skip mowing's occasionally, but I don't charge the customer as if I didn't. I suppose that is something that should be discussed before the contract is signed. If you feel the lawn would benefit from skipping a week, talk to the customer and maybe not charge them for that week. If you don't want to give up the money, cut the lawn.
  4. sgl41377

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    What my contract states is that we will service the property in a professional manner. He is a new client this year and I have rarely had a complaint about skipping a lawn cut due to rain. My contract does state that schedules may change due to inclement weather.
  5. 32vld

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    That is a badly written contract. Professional Manner is too vague.

    And that schedules may change due to inclement weather (well whoop dee doo, customers don't expect their lawn to be mowed in the rain and expect the LCO to show up a day late.

    You show up with a dormant lawn so it can't be mowed, though you blow some leaves and charge for a mow and expect the customer to not feel getting ripped off?

    When explaining your contract to the customer did you spell out how you will expect the customer to pay full price for a mow when/if the lawn goes dormant but you will blow some of his Birch leaves off of his lawn and call it even?

  6. Dr.NewEarth

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    If you cut in the rain will you melt? Buy a raincoat and get to work.
  7. Duekster

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    Mow the mans lawn ASAP after the rain is done. He has a contract with you.
  8. clydebusa

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    Mow it, mow it. Show up and go around in circles and make him happy.
  9. Jimslawncareservice

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    You should be happy you are behind from too much RAIN
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  10. sgl41377

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    We have had continuos storms Thursday and Friday. My opinion is the mowers will do more damage than good on completely saturated grass. I have been in business for 8 yrs with a 99% retention rate. My contract states more, but saw no need to write it all out on here. I was merely looking for another opinion. I will not melt in the rain, Dr.NewEarth.
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