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Rain and school


LawnSite Senior Member
Amherst NH
I have about 25 mowing accounts, my guys did 5 or 6 on friday, then the rain came, suppost to rain up here until thursday :realmad: , I have to go back to school either tommorrow or monday, (I go to UNH, 45 min from home and live there) should I just suck it up and skip this week, even though I have some lawns that grow VERY quickly? I need some advice, please!
Thanks Guys


LawnSite Bronze Member
Ive been there when I was in school also. Skip this week, raise the blades a bit next week. It is getting late in the season, so you will be able to catch up.... Only problem is you lose a week of income.


LawnSite Silver Member
I am in school as well, and am doing many college visits this week, so probably wont have the time to work late this week. It is also supposed to rain from tonite to Thursday, after 5 inches of rain yesterday. I am going to attempt to get everything finished today.