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    :eek: :eek: well spring rains here in n.ky are killing me im 2wks behind .does spreader sticker help weed apps in the rain ,,im useing strike three weed control at 1.5 oz per gall 1 gall per 1000,,well im a little heavier right now,, but the chickweed is dyeing so frekin slow,,,are there any oldskewl tricks to treat in the rain and not do any service call??:eek: :eek:
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    I recomend using a spreader sticker regardless of rain. But yes it will help. Certain weeds are hard to control without it. Clover is a good one. Ever notice how the spray likes to ball up and run off in large droplets. The spreader sticker will help the spray spread out into smaller droplets and not so much runs off. It will also help spray to sticker to the plants for better results. The cost is very minimal. In these cooler temps use an ester formula for better results. With the rain last week it is hard to get anything done but I have had very little problems spraying in the rainy periods. Sometimes ya just gotta do it and using all the right products makes the job come out better.
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    I use a product called Syltac . Your spray will be rain proof in less than an hour. And also then you dont have to worry about sprinklers either.

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