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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Turbokj, Apr 2, 2003.

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    This is going to sound stupid, but oh well. I am working with a Rain Bird ESP-6si. I installed a 7th zone and would rather not go out and buy an 8 zone unit just to have a 6 zone unit go to waste. I opened the unit and noticed the same board is used for the 6si and 8si. Is there anyway to modify the board to allow a 7th zone? Are there schematics for these units anywhere on the web? Thanks in advance.

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    Replace it with a Hunter Pro-C they can go up to 15 zones. Comes with 3 and you can add 3 zone modules. You'll be happier. If it is a customers money they will be happier. I hate it when people cheap out like addinga second clock rather than just buying one big one when doing an additions. Controllers are not expensive.
  3. dforbes

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    You can order the 8 station board from your rainbird dealer. then unplug the old board and install the new one. Runs about half the cost of a new controller.
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    You can buy a doubler. they work great. It will allow you run 2 valves off of a single wire.
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    Bad idea. When you run two zones at a time at a place where you can only run one zone due to the capacity of GPM and PSI, it would be bad to run one of these because you would have decreased flow in each of the zones, not giving the areas the right amount of water they really need. Do these things effect the voltage going to the valves anyone? I'm not sure about the electirc part.
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    I'm not the best at describing thing but hear it goes. the doubler will switch off zones each time it receives power from the controller. Hear is a example. If you have one valve in a box w/ 1 red & white wire for that valve. You install a new valve in the same box . You take the doubler and hook up the red wire from the controller to the red wire on the doubler (inlet) then you take one of the wires that comes off (oulet) of the doubler and hook it up to the 1st valve and there is one more red wire that comes off the doubler and take that wire 2nd wire to the 2nd valve. Then you hook up the common to the doubler then out to the valves. After all that you go to the controller and make a jumper wire to the new zone. Lets say you have 4 zones and you add another zone out in the field and there is no way to get a wire to the controller. You make all the connections in the field first. Then you say the new zone will be #5 and the zone that you installed the doubler is zone #2. You will make a jumper from #2 to #5 so the doulber will switch valves every time it get power. So when the controller runs #2 for whatever time then it goes to 3, 4 and it starts on #5 the doubler will switch valves and run the new valve. It is a cool trick I really hope you can understand my description of how it works.
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    I forgot to say this. If you use this doubler you will need to create a program B for it to work. Or what ever zone you hook it up to will get water ever other time that station comes on. If ya are interested ask your suppliers about it. I really suck at typing it out. Try this link.
  8. Mark B

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