Rain Bird ESP-SMT Smart Controller

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by JimLewis, Jun 18, 2009.

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    "We've got the missles mounted under the wings and GPS co-ordinates for Stockton, shall we launch the mission, over."

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    Hello All,

    I live in Brazil and here Rainbird does not offer any smart controller like ESP-SMT or SST. Well I´d like to use a ESP-SMT in Brazil. I know that it has a database of previous' years climate based on your zipcode. I know I´ll lose that.
    Well the ESP-SMT has an option that allows you to enter custom data, like latitude, elevation, average humidity and wind speed. Fo anyone who has a ESP-SMT, could you please tell me if the units that are available on US accepts Latitudes South or only North? I know that Rainbird australia offers ESP-SMT, but I don´t know how they have a different firmware..

  3. JimLewis

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    I can find out the answer for you. Can you turn on Private Messages in your settings so I can PM you? Then maybe we can discuss this further via email. I'm not on the forum much anymore.
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    Jim - I believe he needs to post 10 times before he can PM.
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    Ok, well in that case, Bruno - email me through the email on our website. That will eventually get to me.
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    I would assume the firmware is location specific. The ones sold in this country, and I would assume anywhere north of the equatorial axis, go from 0-70 degrees North
  7. brunoql

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    Well, I live at 20 degress south. Maybe I set up the controller with 20 degress north, so it can estimate insolation (i supposed). I would also set the date 6 months ahead of current date, so it could compensate for the 6 months lap between north and south hemisphere seasons. Am I correct?

    A ESP-M controller + 1 ESP-SM3 costs around 350 usd in Brazil. At amazon.com a ESP-M costas around 80usd and a ESP-SMT ~165usd.
    I could even buy a ESP-M and a ESP-M in US and it would be cheaper that buying a single ESP-M in Brazil...
  8. Kiril

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    As far as I know, it has nothing to do with seasons directly. It is used to estimate solar radiation.
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    Actually, the historical weather data is used for solar radiation, wind speed, and relative humidity. It combines the historical for that site for that time of year with the on-site data that it gets from the weather sensor (high temperature, low temperature, and exact rainfall) and then it combines these 3 measurements with the 3 historical measurements in an algorithm that is then used to determine if a zone needs to come on and if so, for how long.

    Out of the 5 weather factors used to create the E.T. formula, the temperature and rainfall are by far the biggest part of the equation. The other 3 factors are a much smaller part. So you could actually find a zone up here in the US that was very similar to the zone you have in Brazil and use that, if this controller doesn't have the capability to work with a southern hemisphere coordinate. And you'd get pretty close that way. Then you would just use the fine tune watering settings to adjust a little up or down on each zone as needed. So you could get this one to work pretty well either way.

    But let me just check and get back to you first. My contact at RB headquarters is out of the office for a few days. I got your email Bruno. So I'll email you back once I find out.
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    How are your Smt's working out for you Jim? How many do you have out there? Do you get call backs to tune? Do you charge for that? Are the clients keeping their paws off of your settings?

    I personally love this clock. Sold about 5 of them this year after I got a feel for the client. I really think it is "the deal" for clients that struggle with fungus or are out of town a good bit and cannot adjust for dry spells or rainy weeks.

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