Rain Bird RC-Series Clocks

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by wilbilt, Sep 10, 2010.

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    Sometimes, you can take the thousand or so they have budgeted for the project, and put it to practical use, or you can try to get them to spend three times as much "to do it right" ~ the plants never will know the difference.
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    And the impact heads will still be working ten years from now.........
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    agreed .... funny thing is, boots should be totally on board with our friend from Hawaii given his attitude towards irrigation. :rolleyes:
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    Last I checked there is no shortage of 40+ year old brass impacts on galvanized risers. They have proven the test of time and then some. For durability I agree impacts are the way to go. Efficiency go with rotors.

    Rain-o-mat was a cool company. They went out after the Whittier earthquake hit in 1987. Another cool thing was Buckner's cam-drive rotors which I think they discontinued after storm took over. My wish is to someday release a coffee table book with all different pictures of sprinkler heads, rotors, and impacts with a history of each company.
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    One of my favorite Rain-O-Mat products were the combination nozzles they made - one side a conventional half-circle, and the other side a vertical-throw strip spray :)

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