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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by rbaroncpd, Jan 24, 2009.

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    I just purchased a home with an auto sprinkler system and I have a Rain Bird timer that has a dial on the left and two columns of buttons on the right that allow you to set the days of the week and how many times a day you want the sprinklers to come on.

    My question is about multiple watering times.

    I have 6 zones.

    If I set Zone 1 to come on at 12:00AM and run for 15 minutes twice a day then does it come on at 12:00AM and again at 6:00AM?


    If I set Zone 2 to come on at 12:30AM does it come on again at 6:30AM?

    If I set for three times a day.... the interval the manual say's it comes on is 4 & 8 hours.

    Using the above zones..... Zone 1 will come on at 12:00AM, again at 4:00AM, and again at 12:00PM? Is that correct?

    My new town say's I can water my new sod from 12:00AM to 10:00AM everyday except Friday and I am a little lost as to how to set it up for maximum watering during the times allowed and not break the rules of the town.

    Thanks much.......... Rich
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    First scenario, yes. If you program 2 start times, (12a and 6a) then it will run that program, and all the zones you have set on it at 12a and 6a, on every day of the week that you tell it to.

    Second scenario. You are confusing start times for the program with start times for the zone. That controller does not have individual start times for each zone, just for each program. So, zone 1 and 2 should be on program A and start it at 12 and 6. zone 1 will run for however long you tell it to, then 2 will follow as soon as 1 is done. They wil run al the zones for the program until they are all complete. At 6am, it does the exact same thing over again.
  3. Mike Leary

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    What the guy above said.
  4. Kiril

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    I may point out that putting the appropriate amount of water onto your landscape is of paramount importance. You typically will never need to water anything in the landscape everyday unless you are sitting on top of a very sandy soil, or have alot of new plants.
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    Programming irrigation controllers are pretty easy. I have experienced alot of homeowners that think a start time is needed for each and every zone. What happens is that programs stack and the irrigation system runs for hours and hours. Had one that ran 24 hours a day. Ask your neighbors with irrigation who they use. Alot of times they will come out and walk you through it, hopefully for free because they want the service contract for the system. I cant speak for them but even if they charge $75 its worth the investment to have your system run as it was designed.
  6. DanaMac

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    The OP said he has new sod. Now I don't know where he is located, but have you ever watered Kentucky Bluegrass in the Colorado high desert in the summer? If it's not watered THREE times a day it will burn. Guaranteed. I know this is winter and he should not need that, but just sayin..........
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    Just set start times as if you only had one zone - unless you're screwing up the programming (and you might be) you only have to worry when zone one starts. The other zones will follow.
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    Yea, same here ... but he didn't say when the sod was put in, just that it was new. I would consider any plant "new" until it has successfully made it through a full growing season. Watering necessarily needs to be adjusted according to the rate of establishment and the type of soils you are dealing with.
  9. DanaMac

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    That's a good way to describe it. This is probably the #1 problem we get when the homeowner sets the controller. "why is it now running all day, over and over?"
  10. DanaMac

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    True - I can't see watering twice a day for sod more than the first week this time of year. unless it is unseasonably warm and dry.

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