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Rain Days


LawnSite Member
What do you guys do when it rains for the day or the week? How do you catch up and how would you charge your "monthly paying" customers(if it rains for a week)? I'm guessing for your weekly paying coutomers it's just a loss if it rains for a week.


LawnSite Gold Member
This time of year I schedual one or two "light days" during the week, which I can use to catch up when it rains. If it doesn't rain I always have a landscape or clean up project I can work on.

ohioman 71

LawnSite Member
My suggestion is to have a day you can float one way or the other. I try to leave Mondays open and if rain looks certain for say tues or weds, start your mowing for that week on Monday so that way your at least covered for one day anyway. You can't trust weather forcasts, they often change 2 sometimes 3 times a day. Just have a day you can move around and that should help. On the weeks that weather looks good, use that day to mulch, prune, or even work on your equipment.