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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by HB Lawn, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. HB Lawn

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    When it starts raining in the middle of your day, how do you handle paying your employees? Do you pay them for the time they are waiting for the rain to stop or do you figure out how much time was lost and make them make it up or lose the pay?

    Any help would be great.
  2. Landrus2

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    You pack your equipment and head home. or sit in the truck and pay them for the hours they were sitting.:waving:
  3. grassman177

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    yep, pack it and end the day short and make it up the next day, never pay for sitting unless you know it is a short rain thne take and extended lunch or somehting
  4. Frue

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    Keep a radar on your phone and make a call. If you can not afford them sitting for a hour and a half, pack it up and call it a day. I use accuweather works great for 2.99 a month. Be decisive and make the call quick do not waste time. If you send them home and it gets nice out do not worry about it. Start your get caught up plan and enjoy the rest of the day:waving:
  5. woodbutcher44

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    I quit a fello because he would sit in the truck for 2 hours or more then say that it was not on the clock.
    I told him that if that was the way he paid Igot to be paid on a percentage that way on days that we realy busted our butts I made goodmoney too .
    you cant just deduct with out giving something back.
    Just take me to my truck I can sit at home and dont have to smell that stinch on the other two guys. (what the hell is that anyway cat spray purfume?)
    OK I'M DONE I ALMOST LOST IT. no more coffee for me today
    get me an umbrela I gotta get outside!

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