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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by cgbaseball23, May 20, 2008.

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    Hey guys,
    I've been looking for a Rain Master Remote Control, because it seems to be the most reliable, preferred remote out there. I've gone to my local distributor (John Deere Landscapes) and discussed with him about it a little bit. He doesn't have any in the store, so he would have to order it. However, he is having trouble finding the receivers that you hook up into the control box. We use mostly Rain Bird ESPs but we have quiet a few Weathermatic Smartlines out there too.

    Are there different receivers for different brands/models/etc.? Does one remote controller control all of the receivers, regardless what brand the control boxes are. I'm not very clear on how it connects to the control box to be honest, I havn't seen any of these remotes in person.

    Is there an online retailer that sells these receivers separately?

    Any help would be appreciated. Like I said, I'm kinda in the dark and im just trying to get some research done.

    Thanks for the help.

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    I didn't want to chime in first because:rolleyes: others here know my blatant attempts at self promotion. RM Remotes are the best. Unless you are dealing with a Rain Master timer you need to use 37 pin connectors at each controller. I'm assuming you got the UA version of the Rain Master? Once you get 10 posts PM me and I'll send you my hookup tip sheet.

    I found a pic of a pigtail on an older timer but this is a similar operation on all timers.


    Here is another good one

  3. cgbaseball23

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    ahhh...so it looks like you connect the rain master pigtail to each of the zones and to the 24v power supply inside the box? and thats it?

    If thats true, then the same pigtail used for a rainbird controller would be the same used on a hunter/weathermatic/etc. Its all starting to make sense now. I think all I needed was to see a picture of one installed.

    Ill have to talk to the guys at john deere and we can probably figure it out now. Thanks for the help! :):clapping:
  4. cgbaseball23

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    One more question.

    Will one remote be able to control more than one control box? I think I read somewhere it can control up to 999?
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    You Would Need A Recieving For Each Different Controller

  6. cgbaseball23

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    right, which the receivers are sold separate from the remotes correct?

    but as long as you have a receiver on all the control boxes, you can control them all with one remote (up to 999)?

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    I believe that is correct. Mike Leary is a little more of an authority than I am on using the RM remote that way. All my controllers have pigtails installed and I need access to the timer to use my remote. Which JDL do you use? Two JDLs her in Dallas stock pigtails so they are in the computer. I'll try and get them into your JDL. Hurry up and get ten posts so you can PM.
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    The unit you need is the remote with the Universal Receiver, that way all
    you need is one of Fimco's remote pigtails at each clock. The assigning
    a number to the receiver only applies to the Rain Master controllers with
    permanent receivers. You will love the remote.:clapping::drinkup:
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    Will I have to be able to get to the box to plug the receiver into the pigtail each time I want to use it for that box? OR can I make it so that the receiver is permanent and I dont even have to touch the control box at all.

    One of the applications I was thinking about using it at would in houses where the customer is never home and the valve boxes are a pain in the ass to find. Id like to be able to mount a permanent receiver to their control box, be able to drive up to their house with the remote, and turn the system on without ever needing to get inside. Is this possible too?
  10. cgbaseball23

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    The JDL we go to is in Greenwood, Indiana. about 15 min from Indianapolis. Im not positive but I dont think they have pigtails in stock. I know they dont have any rain master remotes in stock.

    When I was first thinking of these remotes, I thought that you bought ONE remote, then you would buy a bunch of the receivers and hook them directly to the box (excluding the pigtail). Then you would leave the receiver with each box you install. Then that ONE remote would be able to control every one of your boxes.

    Im starting to get the feeling that is not the way it works. But still, with the pigtail, it will save a lot of headache from going back and forth.

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