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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Care Free LC, May 8, 2008.

  1. Care Free LC

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    how do most of you deal with rain days and rescheduling properties? I am a solo operator and it just kills me when I lose a day to rain. My schedule is packed tight so it is difficult to ever regain the lost ground. I typically try to get a helper to get caught up, but always seem to lose money. Any help?
  2. siklid1066

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    Im solo and its raining here in NY.Im going to do a couple who are not home today though.I just do the best I can,yes its nerve racking when it rains,since they cant get the weather reports right.But when I had help some times it was worse(2 days of rain and then your help does not show):hammerhead:But I have cut on Sats and Suns and have cut on Mondays from the previous week.I cut solid Mon-Thurs,3 com accounts that get done Fri,Sat,or Sun.Fri-Sat trimming,landscaping jobs.This year I have alot of this Fri-Sat stuff.(I think I took on to much,but I need the money)Rain makes it nerve racking.I would have stayed out later yesterday if they would have got this weather right!Fri they say big rains,(so I will be out in the rain planting)Its down to a drizzle I gotta go cut now.PEACE.
  3. I have an Army issue Gore-Tex rain suit. Lined rubber gloves and Gore-Tex lined hiking boots.
    If I get behind we'll work in the rain. We stop for lightning.
    I got a chance to talk to a LCO in Seattle once. He said he wore his rain suit more often than not.

    But I don't know about the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. What to the other LCO'S do there?
  4. siklid1066

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    Also this time a year it stays light a lot later so its not as bad as the fall.(thats when I cant handle rain)
  5. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    I would say as a solo op, don't book so tight that if you lose even a half day for rain, you get way behind. I see solo's with too many accounts as a problem, both with scheduling and quality.

    You may have to hire a part time employee season-long to work for you and clear your logjam.

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    He nailed it,scheduling and the quality of work is hard to maintain get some help,in the biz you need equipment and manpower period to get the work done right..........
  7. JFF

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    Thats right. As a solo, you have little choice but to leave a day open for the possibility of rain. You can use that day for estimates or side projects when the weather is good. Or to do more detail on your accounts. Try to keep up with your detail as well as possible, so when you do have to run through just doing the minimum one week, its not a killer.

    Where I am there are a lot of people with weekend homes. They don't want me around while they are trying to relax. So weekends are pretty much out. But the days are getting longer.
  8. LawnBrother

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    If it rains it rains. I just move 'em around as needed. I always have time set aside every week for contingencies.

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