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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MOturkey, May 16, 2010.

  1. MOturkey

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    I'm curious how most of you handle rescheduling due to rain? I mow in 2 different towns. I generally mow where I live Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday (I'm part time), and in the other town (20 miles away) on Wednesday (my day off), Thursday, and if necessary to finish up, Friday. That gives me Friday, a short day at work, and Saturday to catch up if I can't mow a day due to rain.

    This time, we were caught up minus one account Wednesday evening, after rain Monday and Tuesday. It has rained multiple times every day since, so our normal Thursday accounts have not been cut. Normally, my procedure has been to mow the ones that haven't been done first, then move on to the regular schedule, but if I do that tomorrow (not supposed to rain until Thursday), I'll automatically get behind a whole day over here, and those accounts will really be due to mow the next Monday, when I normally don't mow that area until Wed-Thurs. My wife thinks we should do the ones we didn't last week first, but I'm leaning toward starting the regular schedule here and trying to get caught up by Tuesday, then do the ones in the other town first, on the first trip over there, effectively skipping a mowing, but keeping them all on basically the same schedule with regards to the day of the week.

    The only danger is if we get rained out Wednesday, but supposedly, it is supposed to be a sunny day, last I heard. Any input? Thanks.
  2. nepatsfan

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    mow in the rain so you dont get behind.
  3. yardguy28

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    i mow monday thru friday.........

    if it rains all of monday i start tuesdays schedule with mondays clients which makes tuesdays clients done on wednesday and so fourth.

    if it rains multipul days i operate the same as above but i might skip a client or 2 that i know will be ok for another week or will pay extra for the extra work a bi weekly cut will take.

    i use saturday and sunday to make up rain days as well.

    no mowing in the rain unless i've already started the job or it's misting or spitting rain. anything steady and i stop working.
  4. T.E.

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    If some idiot showed up in a pouring rain to cut my lawn I'd run them off.

    This is how we handle it. I hope this helps

    (Example) John Doe’s lawn is scheduled for weekly mowing on each Thursday; however it has rained Tuesday, and Wednesday to the point where the crew can’t mow at all on those days. This means that Thursday the crew is two days behind. Therefore John Doe’s lawn will more than likely be cut on Saturday. The following week John Does’ lawn will be put back on its regular scheduled day of Thursday. This averages out to where the lawn is still being cut on a weekly basis. If we skip it the following week after we mow it on Saturday it has grown so much that when we mow the lawn ten days later it slows us down causing us to get behind yet again. If it rains only part of the day, and we are able to mow some lawns we will be able to get back on schedule much quicker, and may be able to mow on the regular schedule day.
  5. nepatsfan

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    Why would you hire some idiot to cut your lawn when you are in the business?:hammerhead:

    Its not ideal and we try not to but when you have more than 20 accounts and you arent part time or a solo guy who does it for fun with his f150 or it rains all week and you have commercial accounts that have to be done....you just have to do it. McDonalds would not be pleased if we skipped their lawns for the week, nor would most commercials. If it rains one day everything is fine. When it rains for 5 days straight No way around it.
  6. JB1

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    we just do whatever whatever it takes to get the job done,.
  7. MikeKle

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    I am screwed since I wasnt able to finish my schedule today!!! I had hoped to get 8 done today and it started raining after the second one! Now they are saying rain for the next 3 days straight! I had everything scheduled perfect too, finish all the mowing today and monday, and tuesday, do 4 mulch jobs I still have left to do, and I would be all caught up with everyone, but what was I thinking, that will never happen!
  8. nepatsfan

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    Case and point....if that was us...we wouldnt mow if it was pouring but if we could get to a point where there was fairly light rain...we are mowing.
  9. yardguy28

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    thats exactly how i do it. with the exception of a few people. i have some clients where the growth isn't even a weeks worth every week i come. they could handle me skipping a week if i need to play catch up. but i only do that if it rains more than one day out of the week.

    i always get them back on there scheduled day though. like you said if there scheduled thurs and you don't make it until sat. the next week they are back on thur. this is why it's very important i catch up no later than sunday.
  10. LwnmwrMan22

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    I find that if it rains for 2 days or less in a week, you'll get complaints no matter what you do.

    If it rains for 3+ days in a week, most people are understanding and know you'll get to it when you can.

    We're up to about 150-175 acres / week with 2 1/2 guys. We HAVE to mow.

    It rained Friday and Saturday (10 days ago) then was nice on Mother's Day. I stayed home on Mother's Day because, well, it's Mother's Day.

    It then rained Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I mowed all 4 days in the rain, my employee took Tuesday off.

    I gave him the option to take Tuesday off and work Saturday when it was supposed to be 70 and sunny, instead of 40 and a moderate rain.

    I had 3 competitors call me up and say I looked like a fool out mowing in the rain, with rain dripping off the brim of the rain gear, but the lawns got done, only 3 accounts were skipped and they would rather be skipped than mowed any week.

    They all look fine this week, and everyone's happy.

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