Rain Sensor/Controller error

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by nswc101, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. Buck_wheat

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    The Hunter controller has a re-set button on the back of the controller panel. Take out the battery & test it, replace/or put it back. Push & hold the re-set button for a few seconds (4-5, 10 whatever) Shouldn't have to power down the whole thing for hours, that's BS.

    But I think you'll have to insert a loop into the sensor terminals otherwise the controller will think the sensor is activated.

    I'm gonna have a shot of Blinker Fluid and call it a day.
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    one more reason for there to be no smart phones


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    I know the 2 hour thing is bs but I'm still giving that as advice unless its me doing it.
  4. Buck_wheat

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    Never mind, I read the entire thread a little more carefully... You're right :drinkup:
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    Blinker fluid shots sound good to me! :drinkup:

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    Christ! - I don't know what's more annoying than those videos.

    Wait - I was going to say Kiril but I think even my ex has him beat.

    About the controller error, you didn't say if it was mounted indoors or not, and if it is powered through a GFI circuit. I have seen failed GFI circuits "scramble" a Hunter controller before.
    Like Peter suggested, install a jumper between the sensor terminals, deactivate the by-pass switch (although with a jumper in place it should override the switch), yank the battery then GENTLY push the reset button like Sprinkus pointed out.
    If you still have problems check the ribbon strip terminal pins to make sure none of those have gotten tweaked, then check the ribbon strip for kinks or indications of failure. I have seen ribbon strips cause wanky performance on a Pro-C.
    If all of this doesn't work check to see if the common isn't double wired at section one - meaning both white wires should only be connected to one solenoid lead and not both - seen this before too and it will cause similar problems.
  7. AI Inc

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    hook the damn rs back up and start it using manual single station. That will overide the sensor.Can almost garuntee theres not a damn thing wrong with the clock.
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    Mmmmmm..... my favorite kind of blinker fluid.

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    Sounds like you are bout fed up with piddly azz sh!t. It's that time of year. The dog days of summer. Blowouts will be here soon enough.

    Taking a fishing trip down the mighty Missouri Sunday. If I get any good ones I'll post pics.

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