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Rain, what rain? :( Could have been a nice swim home.

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Today we had the hardest rain I have ever seen here, after 30 minutes everything was flooded. The highway home was going about 20, the photos below are taken in my neighborhood, luckly we built on a hill and had no damage.

We prayed for rain last year, guess we need to be more detailed next time.

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Looks like you will have to put a set of pontoons on your mowers. I'm not very far from you, between W.S. and Statesville. We have had alot of rain lately also, but luckily no flooding yet. It seems like alot of days the storms are staying south of our area and hitting your area, then going straight up I-85 towards Greensboro.

Love to see it raining this year compared to the last 4 years though, just wish it would quit a one or two days a week so we could begin to catch up, or at least rain at night instead of 3pm in the afternoon. It makes it rough when you miss a few lawns one week, then go back the next week and the grass is half way to my knees or higher. Some or our lawns were so wet last week we had to use a 21" push mower on the whole lawn instead of the walk-behind. Ground was so soft, you could feel your feet sinking just walking on it.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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