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  1. HOMER

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    After the drought we had last year this rain we're getting is a welcome relief. With what we got yesterday and today I know we'll be over 13-14 inches for the month of March. I'm not sure but I bet that's more than we got all last year! I hope it continues through the summer, maybe not quite as much but at least enough to keep the farmers happy and us "grass cutters".

    How do yuze guys out in Seattle and parts where it rains all the time keep up? I remember a post where somebody said they always cut in the rain..................what kinda rain you talking about? I couldn't get out there in this rain here or I'd drown! When you say rain do you mean drizzle? Don't you tear up the lawns? Do you have tents over your mowers, ain't them rain suits hot?

    I wonder if we're gonna have an inverted year this year where it rains down south and it's dry in the midwest or northern parts of the country. I can remember yuze guys complaining about it last year and we were begging for it. I can see me getting way behind if this keeps up BUT............I ain't complaining about it! I did that in 98 and it has been dry ever since.
  2. Charles

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    Homer, when you get the rain we usually get it next and this time is no exception. It started at 2 am and steady since then and from the radar looks like a flood is coming. Our lakes are finally making a comeback. You know in our areas during peak season the rain doesnt really stick around long so I feel no pressure to cut in the rain. Customers dont like to see me cutting in the rain because the yard looks a little raggedy and clumpy when it drys. Hard to blow the drive and not track wet grass on it. i guess in places where it rains all the time you do what you have to but not here
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    Basically, what happens is you wind up cutting in between rains. We are fortunate enough in our area to usually end up with just a half day of rain, or slows enough so that you can start to cut.

    As far as a pouring down cats and dawg por weze guyz wont cut in that type of water fall. Normally the lawns are wet until about 930am every spring so the first 5-6 cuts are always wet.

    We take inclement weather into consideration when we are scheduling our accounts. We usually have to reverse the route orders so that we are on the hilltops above the haze/fog and then work our way down into the valleys as the weather breaks.

    The main thing is you are stuck with wb and they should be hydros at that. If it starts to rain mid to late afternoon we usually try to cut on thru to the otherside-LOL. Those who use belt mowers are finding that they are unable to finish out the afternoons if its a light rain, and that moist mowing conditions are usually a hindrance for productive cutting.

    Like Charles said, if its too wet nobody cuts!!:(

    Good Luck this season!
  4. HOMER

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    Your right about that tracking business! I forgot to add that our rivers down here were so low last summer that people were riding their 4 wheelers right down the middle of them, and they could ride a long way too. With what we have received this month all the rivers are back to normal or above and the lakes and ponds are back up.

  5. Island Lawn

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    April showers bring May fowers!


    I'm behind already! This "occassion rain" is predicted thru tomorrow!

    If I'm quick/motivated/lucky, I'll be able to sneak some work between the rain.

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    Unless its a heavy rain we keep on mowing.
  7. eslawns

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    Woke up this morning to it. TV guy says it should rain off and on until Tuesday next week. We do not mow in the rain. If it's a light sprinkle on a warm day, no problem. But if the ground gets very wet... I can't deal with the clumps and the tires make deep ruts. Besides, I don't care for being wet. ;)
  8. toddco

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    Homer, you asked about the rain here in Seattle. Yes, we're now getting our spring rains and the plants are loving it. Here it can rain for 8 or 14 hours straight, or even 2-3 days straight. BUT, it might only add up to 1/2".

    It's a very different climate. Sometimes you get wetter from sweating in the rain jacket than you would without it. A constant mist. Most people won't bother with a jacket to walk to their car or next door.

    When it's gray the grass will be covered by dew most of the day. Mulching here can be a real pain because everything sticks to the deck.
  9. awm

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    Ill work in rain if necessary to keep up.
    But not in this frigid presip coming dn now.

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