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  1. jeffex

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    We hit a dry spell here in baltimore so I have time to post. It is forcast for rain over the next two days though. Eric you must be in a dry spell also because the new NASCAR track in Chicago land last weekend looked burned up except where they watered the start finish line area. WHOS MOWIN' AND WHOS BLOWIN' DUST??
  2. Eric ELM

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    We are very dry here. We got a 1/4" a month ago and a 1/4" yesterday. We have a chance for a bit more today. Even the ones that are watering, the lawns are getting brown and not growing much at all. :(

    A few years ago today, we got a state record of 17.91 inches of rain in ONE day. What a flood that was.
  3. We're not as bad as you guys are but getting close. Looks like you have some more rain heading your way today, Eric. We got better than 2 inches the first of the month but you can't tell it now, expecting showers today.
  4. racerdave

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    We had alot of rain in May and June with really nice temps, the grass was going crazy. We haven't had any rain to speak of since mid June and it isss hot!! Todays forecast is 105 with heat index around 115. The sudden change has really stressed the grass. Even the irrigated yards are brown
    This gives me more time to irritate charles in the off topic forum.:D

  5. Got Grass?

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    Up here we have recieved;
    .49 inches in July so far and that was all on monday. 1.25 blow avg.
    1.85 inches since june 1st. 3.43 below avg..

    Lawn are looking pretty bad/brown cutting at 3in. Odvious who waters and has dogs. No rain in forcast.
    And to think everyone thought it would be a wet season.

    Next week is gunna be a good one for cutting. Might be able to actually cut other than septics and striping brown grass.
  6. script

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    We've been back in a normal summer rain routine, getting a little everyday or so. Got caught in one just a little while ago so I came home for lunch and to check in on lawnsite. I hate to go back out when it stops raining, because it'll feel twice as hot and humid.

  7. Lawn Wizard

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    Total Rain for July .25 inches ouch! well plenty of shrubs to trim ( ohhh I hate em!) Im to the point of doing the rain dance outside! Come on Rain! Isnt looking too good :(
  8. coldlake

    coldlake LawnSite Member
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    wow, rain in the summer. how radical. It rains here in Sacramento in the winter.. sometimes.:)
  9. Avery

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    Just started raining here this evening. Supposed to last through the night.
  10. cp

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    Well I cut in the rain today. Sure feels good too. Starting to worry a little things are getting too dry for me.:(

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