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    Hello, I have been sitting in the back not posting so here is my first. What is the over all decision of cutting in the rain? I know we all have schedules to maintain etc. Could someone put this up so that everyone could vote on it? I have customers that under no terms want their lawns cut when wet or raining. This really hurts the schedule. I seem to separate the accounts that I can and can't cut wet, commercial or homeowner. Thanks in advance


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    I can cut in the rain IF I bag the clippings. I would discharge only if less than 1" is being taken off. If it is tall,I'll wait.I have seen guys triple cut and blow for 15 min. to disperse clippings, and then it still looks bad.
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    Some cut in the rain, but are forced to. They have such tight schedules and are so busy, they can't afford not to. One guy I know, who works 5 days a week, cuts $26,000 of grass per week. If and when he misses a day (and it just hit him this last week) it costs him dearly. Not only that, but along with that time being gone, so is the extra time it takes to cut longer grass. A no win situation for someone of this capacity. I guess when you run about 20 Lazers, and dominate a whole small city, that's what you get.
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    The only time I wouldn't cut in the rain, if the ground is too soft and muddy. I don't get paid for the cut unless I do it.


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