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  1. LwnmwrMan22

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    For everyone complaining about lack of rain this year, our area has more than made up for it.

    Since the end of August, we've had 18.6 inches of rain. 14 of the last 16 days in October have rained. Tonight through Friday morning we're supposed to have 1-2" more, with another 1"+ on Sunday-Monday.

    With the cooler temps (highs in the upper 50's, lows in the lower 40's) the fact that there's been no clear days (always cloudy) and light winds, the ground is absolutely soaked.

    You walk on it and you can feel yourself sink in.

    We mowed the senior high last Thursday and it was all mud streaks.

    I mowed 4 yards today, 1 in sandy soil, 1 with my trimmer, 1 in clay and tore the crap out of it with the ZTR and 1 with the walkbehind.

    It's to the point now where my buddies and I aren't sure if we're going to be able to do any leaf cleanups this fall, because with the ground being so soft, we're curious to see if we can even run the bagging systems.

    In 19 years of mowing, I've never seen my area be this wet, this late in the season.
  2. JB1

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    count yourself lucky.
  3. 93Chevy

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    You can always send rain down our way! I felt bed for those with wells this summer as it was pretty dogon dry.
  4. Greenery

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    I feel ya lawnmowerman we tried to get out today and just made a mess of things. Hopefully next week will bring us some better weather
  5. robbo521

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    be happy you got it.we are still 26.9 behind.we dont have any grass just dirt.
  6. Greenery

    Greenery LawnSite Senior Member
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    I feel ya lawnmowerman. We tried to get out today and just made a mess of things. Hopefully next week will bring us some better weather.

    HOOLIE LawnSite Gold Member
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    Dry as a bone here...on TV they just said we're about to tie the record for consecutive days with no measurable rain. The county I have 2/3 of my customers in has mandatory water restrictions...at least in the summer one could hope the customers might water. No such luck now. There is a chance of showers tomorrow and a better chance of showers and storms on Friday...but if it doesn't happen, next week will be ugly.

    I'm practically done for the week mowing anyway. A half day tomorrow then Friday I'll work on cleaning up a customers beds. I can't ever remember it this dry at this point in the season.

    Tell you what...send me HALF your wetness, and I'll send half my dryness...:laugh: Then we'll both be set!
  8. grass disaster

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    i hear ya loud and clear. this summer i lost $ cause of the drought . now i'm losing because of too much rain.

    it's suposed to be 70 on saturday. hopefully we get a strong wind with it to dry things out some.
  9. JTF40

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    May - October (6 months) = 4 to 5 inches. Completely devastating. :usflag:
  10. ALBsun1

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    thats great for your area, but i have lost many, many cuts this year. i thought the drought in the summer was bad, then we got a good few days of rain around end of august, and it hasn't rained since. Terrible, missing my last cuts of the year before leaves begin to fall.

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