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    Just wandering how everyone else is handling all the rain we've been getting in the midwest. We've had so much rain all winter and this spring that the ground is so saturated we can't even get our mowers on the lawns to mow. All of our landcaping jobs are on hold since we can't get trucks in to bring in rock for our landscape jobs and we have several we need topsoil for and its to wet to pick that up as well. Some of the yards around here are under water and some are just so wet you can't even walk on them without sinking and forget about getting our big mowers and walkbehinds out. We have yards that need to be mowed now but I don't want to tear up the lawn trying to get them mowed. How is everyone else getting along with all this rain here in the Midwest?
  2. dane1985

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    I have just been basically getting fertilizing and spring cleanups done. It is still very wet around here as well. The grass is just starting to turn green around here though. But we are still getting rain about once a week.
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    Send it our way, we'll take it!
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    just had 6 inshes of snow last night here in north ohio grass is still brown so nothing is going on around here yet..
  5. pjslawncare/landscap

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    Weve been getting quite a bit here, but I hear youve been getting a bunch in IL Lawnpro. We tore up yard a little bit when I got the rider hung in a spot Ive mowed hundreds of times before.
    Oh yea, we carry straps now

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