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  1. Mack

    Mack LawnSite Member
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    I was woundering if anyone else is a little short on rain. Here in Ohio (springfield) the grass is brown and some accounts have not been mowed in 3-4 weeks. It has been in the 90 s for the last 4 days and the leaves are falling from the dry weather. They are saying the season is almost over because the grass is so dead and the days are getting shorter, even if we get rain its to late. By the way no rain in forcast. Just woundering if this is happening anywhere else.
  2. LB Landscaping

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    from Maine
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    Hey Mack,
    Similar situation here in Maine. Not much rain in August lead to many lawns being burnt. I ahven't been to some customers in 3 weeks. Got two days of rain last week which really got things growing again. Leaves are beginning to fall here as well. Best of luck!!!
  3. Floridalandcare

    Floridalandcare LawnSite Senior Member
    from Tampa
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    Rains here almost everyday, Some yards are pure swamps theyre so wet .Wish I could do a rain dance for you :)
  4. Mack

    Mack LawnSite Member
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    Thanks LB sorry its happening to you too.

    LAWNS AND MOWER LawnSite Bronze Member
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    We had a very dry and hot August. Rained the last two days of August and first 3 days of Sept. Grass perked up and could actually see where I was mowing. Havn't had rain since, still hot and no rain in the forecast for the next week. Grass is already turning brown again. Will soon be time to start munching on some leaves.

  6. gravedigger5

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    Know what ya mean. Grass almost died here in the St. Louis back in July, got some rain 1st part of Aug. and I was feeling a little better about buying the new ZTR so late in the season. Actually was back to mowing everybody once a week. Then Sept rolls around and things here keep getting hotter and dryer. This week its back to mowing some and just driving by others. Supose to cool off the rest of the week but not much preciep in the ole forecast:mad: I know some guys on here have had it even worse and I really feel for them, at least the rain we had in Aug. help salvage the cutting season and made for a somewhat profitable year. Just makes me glad to still be part-time and helps build my experience for when I can or have to go full-time. Wish you all a little H20 (except Floridalandcare:p ) Marc

    Wish We Were Having Fun.:confused:
  7. syncom2

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    Ditto to your local climatical assessment Mack. For the most part, every and all turfs in the Ohio Valley are virtually bone dry. Outside of some semi-healthy lookin' weeds, my personal lawn is as brown and arid as I've ever seen. Unfortunately, according to the local weather dudes and dudetts, the strong cold front that will be pushin' thru our immediate area sometime in the wee hours of the new morning will not have much if any moisture associated with it. With the lack of sunshine in the middle of the night, that, plus virtually no evaporation from the dusty ground to help spawn some coveted thunder-boomers, our only relief will be a 15 – 20 degree drop in the daytime temps… so 'they' say. Keep the faith guys… you can't have a testimony unless you have a real honest to goodness test! Sooner or later we'll all be back in the mud once again… wonderin' who in the heck it was that was doin' all that complaining about no rain! mb
  8. TJLC

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    No shortage of moisture here. Cutting every 7 days and the grass is tall and thick. I talk to my mom up in Cincinnati each week and she tells me how burnt and dry the grass is. Sorry to hear this guys, hope things get better or should I say wetter for you.
  9. greenman

    greenman LawnSite Addict
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    Its very dry here. Hasn't rained to amount to anything in three weeks or more. Waiting..........
  10. Hoosier Mower

    Hoosier Mower LawnSite Member
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    Here in my part of Indiana we have'nt had any rain to amount of in almost a month and a half :( Things are dying quick here.

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