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  1. eztrak17

    eztrak17 LawnSite Member
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    I live in northern nh and this rain is just killing business. im only 17 and mow about 15 lawns, but i work for a commercial guy and this rain is just horrible! everyones behind on there lawns. and my family is in the logging industry--so the rains been preventing them from logging..theyve been out of the woods for almost a month! is it rianing everywhere else or just here? :dizzy:
  2. Kawizx62003

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    I love how we complain about droughts and then complain about too much rain. We, as people, are just never happy!
  3. eztrak17

    eztrak17 LawnSite Member
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    Well its honestly rain ebmveryday for a solid 3 weeks haha so its pretty crazy..but weve had a few good days in a row so hopefully its gettin better! :D
  4. jrs.landscaping

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    from Maine
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    You aren't the only one. We have properties with frog ponds in the middle of the lawn.
  5. eztrak17

    eztrak17 LawnSite Member
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    Yeah! Its definately been a tough season, but i guess we just gotta make it work!
  6. OakNut

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    At the beginning of July last year the entire country had crispy-brown lawns.

    I'll take the rain.
  7. Porcupine Lawn and Snow

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    Push mowers leaving ruts, customer complaints, wet clothes, just sucks....
    Don't get me wrong I do not want drought but this is getting over my control level!! :realmad::realmad::realmad::realmad::realmad:
  8. KCMO95

    KCMO95 LawnSite Member
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    We're having the opposite problem! I'm almost 4" behind in these last few months and 20" behind since the start of last year.
  9. Tanum

    Tanum LawnSite Member
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    We cut grass in the rain, we have to. Rains a lot here in Ireland (that said it hasn't raining much this summer) but in general the grass is wet due to dew and so on. Once the grass is tightly cut wet cutting is okay. On larger lawns we run Ransoms Parkway's cylinder mowers and rest flail mulchers and collectors 'Amazone Profihoppers'
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  10. AMC32

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    I'd love to be seeing some rain here! We haven't had near enough in the last month or so and it seems like any rain has barely missed us. But thankfully we had a couple hours of rain last night and yesterday morning. Been praying asking for rain so hopefully we get more!
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