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  1. Charles

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    We in the SE were the ones getting flooded last Summer. We are now having a below average Summer so far.
  2. Bumpmaster

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    Just right over here N'AT! :waving:
  3. oqueoque

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    Same thing here in Jersey outside of Philly. We had record rains last year and below average this year. The only good things about this year is that we had constant snow that saturated the soil deep, so the trees are not sucking up all the rain when we get rain & also this year has been a good deal cooler than last. My own lawn looks great and I have only watered it with an oscillating sprinkler four times this year. If we do not get a decent rain for 7 to 10 days, I drag out the sprinkler and timer and soak the lawn from 3 Am to 6 AM.
  4. herler

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    We've had one good rainfall in well over a month.
  5. yardmn13

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    Ill fight the rain any day vs. to much dry. good time to get your equipment fixed or oil changed.

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