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    I live in Atlanta and we have been swamped with rain, the ground is past saturation and since I'm new I get a lot of undesireable yards. Most of the have areas of standing water for about the past week. I have decent equipment that can handle wet conditions but I feel these conditions are extreme. If I try to mow with my ztr the yard will be covered with tire tracks. Even my push mower is leaving marks and ruts. What do you all do in these conditions?? I hve 5 or 6 yards that desperately need it. Most of my clients are understanding but if I don't catch up these yards will be out of hand when it finnally dries. I see a few guys working and wonder if I should do the same or just wait it out. I've read about wet conditions on several posts but am wondering how to handle it. These condition are bad. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks
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    wait out the storm. its raining up here in the northeast today and i'm on here catching up on some posts. the lawn i was gonna do today is notoriously wet and I would be leaving nice mud tracks in the low spots. The grass is really high already, but its just too damn wet.
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    All you can do is wait it out. You can't control the weather, and most people understand that.
    What they don't understand, however, is why their lawn wasn't done first when a dry day does come. You'll get phone calls, "It's quit raining, where are you?"
    More rain predicted here for the next few days. Oh Boy. I wish we could save a few rain days for August.

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