RainBird 1204(?) spray heads

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by wolf91, Apr 28, 2004.

  1. wolf91

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    Guys, I need your advice on the estimate I received:
    Lot is 2,000 sq.ft

    All RainBird sprinkler system:
    RainBird 5004 Plus rotor heads
    RainBird 1204 spray heads
    12 zone Rainbird ESP control clock
    1" RainBird 100DV control valve
    8 - 10 zones with 40 heads
    2 bed drip zones

    Cost $3,300

    From what I read in this Forum, the product is OK, except these 1204 spray heads. Couldn't find them anywhere on the web including RainBird site, just 1800. Are they that old?

    And another question: I'm gonna have shrubs beds all around the house - that's about 180 ft. long total. Do I need one or two or more drip zones. Can one handle everything? The reason I'm asking is I got another estimate - they charge per drip zone, and I couldn't get a straight answer on how many of them I need.

    By the way, none of five contractors I got estimates from ever checked water pressure in my house...

  2. SprinklerGuy

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    Water pressure is not the most important thing when bidding....they probably turned a hose bibb on and figured the pressure that way.....not scientific by any means. The flow in Gallons Per Minute is much more important.

    I usually just make sure the flow from the faucet is okay...then when I do the job I get more scientific. Haven't had a problem yet.

    As for the price....looks good, my guess is that the contractor meant 1804 heads......not sure, don't use Rainbird.

    5 estimates....don't pick the low one.....check references......use the guy you feel most comfortable with on a face to face basis...good luck.
  3. DanaMac

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    Never heard of a 1204 RB head. Probably meant 1804. Their spray heads are the 1800 series with the last number being how tall. 1804 - 4" head, 1806 - 6' head, 1812 - 12" head.

    $3300 for 8-10 zones seems low to me. But I can't see the site or know the conditions. But when I was still installing, my price for that would have been a minimum of $4000-$4500. As SprinklerGuy said, don't go with the lowest price. You want a quality system that guys like myself don't have to constantly come out and fix it for you because the other guy who installed it had no clue.
  4. Mdirrigation

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    Backflow wasnt mentioned, type of pipe, rain switch, pressure regulators for the drip , filters for the drip, what type of warranty are they offering, winterizations, price seems low. Pressure and flow testing I always check . thats a whole lot of zones for 2000 sq feet , but I dont know how its layed out
  5. James234

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    from Texas
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  6. DanaMac

    DanaMac LawnSite Fanatic
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    Holy S@*T!!! Never heard of a 1200 series. thanks for the info. i know of the U series nozzles to help with close in coverage, but i'll look into the 1200 series. This site is full of great info.
  7. wolf91

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    To all: thanks for advice
    James234 - Great link! Wonder how come I couldn't find it!

    to Mdirrigation:
    Oops, you're right. It's 2,000 sq.yd, not ft.
    I forgot to mention included into estimate the backflow device, warranty: 1 year labor and 3 y. parts, 1 year free winterization but nobody never says anything about the type of pipes or drip filters. Should I be concerned - isn't there the only type of pipes the professionals use?

    to DanaMac: the lot is 215 ft x 105 ft with a house in the center, slightly closer to the front end.

    Another estimate was for $3,900 with 45 Hunter gear driven heads (don't know the model) and 10 RainBird sprays with total 11-12 zones. The guy does sprinklers only. His warranty is 2 year on labor and 3 on parts. With a $80/year 5 year service contract ($30 for start-up and $50 for winterization) he's offering warranty 5 year labor and 5 years parts. He also mentioned that RainBird heads create "rattling" sound when turning comparing with the Hunter's soundless rotor heads. He says this is the best combination: Hunter rotor heads with RainBird sprays.

    Thanks again
  8. aquamtic

    aquamtic LawnSite Senior Member
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    That sound sjust about right here in or area. Its running at around 70.00 per head whether its spray or rotor. He is also giving you a great warranty.
  9. greenworldh20

    greenworldh20 LawnSite Senior Member
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    warranties are only good as the company offering it.

    'nuff said.


    good luck, wolf dude.

    i would go with the hunter system. i just like hunter. though in our area they have a terrible sales rep.

  10. gusbuster

    gusbuster LawnSite Bronze Member
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    The body is still an homeowner grade, though the cap is a lot stronger than the other homeowner grade.

    I still would ask that they use 1800 series bodies and u-series nozzles as that is the same nozzle that they use on the 1200 series.

    The u- series nozzles are a dual port fixed spray nozzle that shoot out either 12 or 15 ft throw and a flat 8 ft spray on the bottom port. These nozzles are great for flowerbeds and lawns in high wind areas. Still have to watch for over pressure.

    U series nozzles will fit on hunter fixed spray bodies.

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