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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Toatlandscape, May 10, 2004.

  1. Toatlandscape

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    I do not have any experience with irrigation connected to wells so forgive me if this question seems stupid. I have installed several systems to common water systems and had no problem but here goes. I helped a neighbor install an irrigation system in his front yard. We are coming of a well with a pressure tank. It maintains about 65 psi while driving 8-9 rainbird heads with van nozzels. The pump has a pressure switch which kicks at about 30 psi. My problem is that the valves will not close when opened manually (DV100) we were trying to flush the system and they just will not kick off. I have never had this problem when connected to city water. Is there something we did wrong? Is the drop to 30-40 psi not enough to close the diaphram? Any advise would be appreciated.

    Thank you
  2. williamslawn

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    sounds like trash in the valve.
  3. Toatlandscape

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    I thought of that but it's all 3 valves. we shut them off by shutting down the pump amd letting all the pressure drop. I don't think there is trash in all 3. Does any one know if low pressure will keep them open?
  4. williamslawn

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    Low psi will stop them from closing and it is possible to have trash in all of the valves. We worked on a system today and had to clean 10 valves from trash. Hope that helps.
  5. ldr1976

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    Did you use pipe dope to secure the barb end, if so its been my experience that this will couse exactly what your experiencing. Use teflon tape instead. Actually I never use either and never once have had a problem just make sure its pretty snug with water pumps. Hope this helps
  6. kobisk

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    Hey just thought I might add something I have come across.
    We have a customer on a well and they always had issues with sand on their spray zones, we added a second filter, still had issues, after constantly cleaning sand out of nozzle screens and valve diaphragms we changed the sprays to those small area rotors, Rainbird 3500, or you could also use the hunter pgj.
    The customer hasn't called us back nearly as often. Maybe something to try
  7. greenwayirrigation

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    did you install a sediment filter? there might be trash in there. did you put them on backwards? check the arrows. you have to wait a couple seconds for them to shut down if opened manually. dont be impatient. and if you over tighten the soleniod that could cause you some problems. check the bleeder screw
  8. HBFOXJr

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    If you used glue type valves or when glueing the fitting next to the valve glue got on the screens of the diaphram that could be it. Gotta get that waeer to the top of the valve to shut it down and it must pass through that little screen.

    If you unthread the solinoid and there is no sand or debris that isn't the problem. And that is seldom a problem on these valves because of how they are built.
  9. DGI

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    First of all, it sounds as if you have debris in the valves. Clean them out. It could be PVC shards, a small rock, piece of glue, whatever.

    Second, your pump is going to cycle if it is hooked up to a pressure tank/pressure switch like you describe. There will be an adjustment bolt/screw on the switch that you will need to adjust to stop the pump from turning on and off.
  10. ldr1976

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    If you are having trouble with the well kicking on and off you need to turn up the pressure limit switch at the well by turning the long bolt clockwise to increase pressure or oppisite to decrease pressure. If it is set at 30psi two turns should increase to around 50-55psi. This will let the well stay running through the whole time you are watering. Whatever you you do do not let the well turn off and on, it's the worst thing you can do to a well when irrigating

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