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    Only 4 valves attached to the timer. When testing on manual, only valve #1 comes on if I use either stations 1 thru 6. Removed the timer and brought home and checked with a new solenoid hooked to station 1. I turned dial to station 6, and station 1 activated. Could a power surge have blown the computer board?
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    Yes. Could've gone bad for a number of reasons. If only one zone puts out power, it's time for a new one.
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    Hmm. That's odd. If it were a ESP Modular Controller I might be able to tell you why that would be happening. But I can't think of any good reason for that to happen on a ESP TM model. I would take it back to my dealer and exchange it. That's definitely very odd.

    Now I am assuming you've wired it correctly. You DO know what your doing in regards to wiring these, right?
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    Umm... check to make sure you don't have #1 going to the master valve hookup instead. Often they are side by side on the terminal strip.
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    Good day. i apologize if i have posted in an improper area but i need help. i have a Rainbird ESP-6TM controller. It was installed by contractors when the house was built and has worked great for 3-1/2 years. The other day, the station number and time showed on the display / time flashed as it always does, but none of the sprinklers in any of the stations came up. i tried to unplug / remove the battery for 2 minutes to reset, but it is doing the same (i.e., nothing). Any ideas of things i could try or what it could be? Thanks in advance for all of your help!!!!!!!
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    Edukator, that sounds like it could be one of several things. Apparently the controller is doing everything as normal, but no water.

    Since none of the zones work… can you manually turn the water on from the valves? Therefore, lets make sure you don’t have a water problem.

    If you have water, then you may want to check to see if an overload fuse has been burned or a breaker has been flipped inside of the controller. Not sure what type of protection yours has... Also check to make sure that your ground wire going to your valves is still connected. And, if you have a voltmeter, you should be reading 24 volts between the ground terminal and whatever zone (terminal #) is on (flashing). If zone 1 is flashing, but you don’t read 24 volts between ground and the #1 terminal, then something’s up with the controller. If you do get 24 volts, then check the ground wire at your valves – or water, if you haven’t.

    Not sure if this will help, but maybe a start.
  7. dbielawski

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    If you have a rain sensor check to ensure all wiring is intact.
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    It is unusual that the ESP timer would stop working without something causing it like lightning. So more than likely, as the above posters said, it is probably a wiring problem, or a water problem. Check if the isolation valves on the backflow preventer are open or closed, and check if the valves will turn on manually. The valves usually have a little bleeder screw to operate or turning the electric solenoid will do the same.

    Yeah, it could be a rain sensor as well. Did it rain recently?
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    Do you guys know if there is any difference in the ESP's readout if a rain sensor is activated, or will the display look just as if everything is running normally when it really isn't? Seems as if there should be some sort of indication... Right?
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    Display will read the same whether rain sensor is active or not.

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