Rainbird ESP running with multiple zones?

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by jlouki01, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. jvanvliet

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    Johny come lateley again

    Why does he have to turn the water on if he has a controller?

    Never heard of a rainbird espm running two zones at the same time; they run programs sequentially but not concurrently. It's a wiring problem or you got $hit in one of the valves keeping it from closing.

    BTW around these parts we hammer a piece of PVC into the ground in order to locate a field valve without spending hours with a tracker and a probe
  2. Sprinkus

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    Sounds like a trip hazard to me. :hammerhead:
    Let us know how the lawsuits turn out.
  3. jlouki01

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    I have a had Rainbird Modular controller do something stupid like that before and RB replaced under warranty.

    This one checked out though. 24ish v at the terminal on the controller. On one terminal at a time.

    Turned out to be something stuck in the valve. He turned his water on and off because his valve was stuck wide open and couldn't close.
  4. jvanvliet

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    Not ALL field valves... just the ones hidden under the bushes and hedges. Had to place 4" pipe on both ends of a couple of field boxes along a 1600' swale running along the road, and enclose the booster pump so that the dip $hit LCO guy wouldn't keep running into them.

    Hammering pipe is done judiciously, once the tracker brings me into to the bush, it's easier just to look for the pipe than to get torn up by the foliage or locate a nest of rattlers or even worse coral snakes. Remember, this is Florida, it looks like paradise but just about everything has some sort of toxin, bugs, plants, women... why we even have to import out beer from Milwaukee to make sure it;s safe to drink; those of us with higher risk profiles get it from Canada or Nortern California.

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