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Rainbird ESP4M


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london, ontario
Hey all, I would like to hear your opinions.
I know someone who bought a bunch of controllers from a supply company that went belly up, all the controllers are dated May 06. Prices he is selling them for:
ESP4MI = 59.95
ESP4M = 75
E9C = 39
ESP12LXi+ = 170
ESP20LXi = 240
3 station mod for esp = 10

I have already bought 12 esp4mi's from him and they are in new condition and work perfectly. Is it wrong to install 1 year old parts for your new installs just to save money?
He still has plenty left but when there gone there gone.
I don't know if I should purchase enough for the whole season or not.
If your interested let me know...


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Unless you have left them out in the sun, they sound brand new to me. Its not like your hanging fruit on a wall, just hard plastic. Should last just as long. Who knows how long your distributor has had them in their wharehouse, then in the store, could be just as old.


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Near Raleigh NC
thats on ebay

ive bought dozens of esp modulars from that guy with the 2006 date stamp no problems
and its saving me hundreds. other than not getting my rainbird rewards points, im happy!

E_liquidators is his handle

Ed G

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Clermont, Fl
A home owner can get the Rainbird ESP4MI brand new for $59.95 (with free shipping from California).

Modules are about $20

Marsan turf

Ed G

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Clermont, Fl
When I was getting estimates to have my sprinkler system reconnected after building a pool, a Florida Irrigator wanted to sell me the ESP-4Mi for $250 and $40 for each module.

Purp, I gotta get you some roof top photos of my yard compared to my neighbors. The difference is unbelievable. We are having drought conditions, and because everyone is running their systems, more than they should, pressure is at an all time low.

No brown spots and green circles in my back yard!

The front yard (where I still have PGP's) is a different story.